Song: Unraveled

Running out of dreams
Few worked out it seems

> Lord unravel me
> Till you find my core my soul
> Make me whole again
> Fill me with new hope

Fighting demons of my past
Escaping regrets doesn’t last

> Lord unravel me
> Till you find my core my soul
> Make me whole again
> Let forgiveness rain

Fearing what tomorrow brings
Body falling breaking seams

> Lord unravel me
> Till you find my core my soul
> Make me whole again
> Heal my body and faith

Restored I now stand
Not fearing the end
In faith

> Lord unraveled me
> Restored my core my soul
> Made me whole again
> and I praise you Lord


March 7, 2014

Song Compass

Please excuse my education
It was no divine creation
It’s no accident that I now vent
My mind is bent and I am spent

What is my new situation
I don’t want no speculation
Truth I seek no matter how bleak
I may be a freak but I’m not weak

Everything is common my friend
We live and die… to no end
No purpose, no home, no morality
Just food sleep sex and insanity
Nothing is sacred. Nothing is holy.
This world is but dirt and folly
Life is what I choose it
I use it and abuse it

God is not here. He’s on vacation.
I live for family friends and my vocation.
Life not hurting others is my motto.
My dream is winning a big lotto.
I want to retire and be happy.
Until then I’m in therapy.
Give me a phone. I’m all alone.
I’m born and then I’m gone.

The earth is precious and so am I
We gotta change or kiss goodbye
‘Cause the world will end tomorrow
Life with no meaning is a sorrow
I tried saving those in need
But I retreat when I bleed
My society is my morality
Life’s frailty is my reality

I’ve been changed and freed
From sin, pride, and greed
Saved by holy awesome God
Paid for by his own blood
I spend my life to discover
He is my only true lover
Look inside me and clearly see
I want to be who He made me to be

This is my moral compass.
Given by God to all of us.
All is holy. All is sacred.
Intentionally divinely created.

Everything has meaning
From back to the beginning
Without compass we’re lost
Without God we’re just dust

Last update Aug. 30

I am sacred

Two lives we do not lead
Two faces we do not need
Just one all-sacred me to be
In faith, to God, clean, and free

written on Aug. 30, 2012

humble God

Divine being choosing a common existence… a human
King choosing the life of obedience… as a servant
Immortal God choosing a morality… the cross
Purity choosing to become filth… our sin

For this humbleness Christ is glorified forever

July 14, 2012
Based on Philippians 2:5-11

Chasing Meaning

i’ve spent my life chasing its meaning
in religion, helping others, righteous living
but at the end i am left with just a thought
we simply are… a beautiful flower of God

June 20, 2012

Running from the other me

not looking back and running fast
chasing pleasures and looking forward
hidden from my haunting past
the truth is i am nothing but a coward

how long can this chase truly last
my denied feelings are breaking out
soon i’ll feel their painful blast
assaulting with tears, pain, and doubt

instead i welcome you my dear friend
whom i’ve denied your voice and peace
our turmoil can now heal and end
thanking God for brining us to our knees

April 19, 2012

All my questions

You have answered all my questions
And have silenced my objections
Now I rest on your holy grace
No longer in fear to seek your face

You made me precious, unique, and good
You care for my health, cloths, and food
You carry my whole life day by day
You truly love me in the deepest way

You revealed the purpose for my being
To be your tapestry, sculpture, painting
You know me and accept me as I am
You are my king, my love, my friend

March 18-20, 2012


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