Adam K Poetry

Unfathomable God

This poem was inspired by Psalm 139

Look at the Earth in all its vastness
Look at each creature and plant and rock
Look at the air and ground and oceans
Marvel at the variety and harmony of it all

Now look up and peer into the infinity of space
Imagine an endless map of planets and stars
And the eyes of galaxies returning your gaze
Marvel at secrets of black holes and dark matter

Now turn the focus to your fragile body
Your every part and organ and blood
Imagine every cell breathing in synergy
Marvel at the complexity of this design

Finally, consider it all as one grand spectacle
Down to countless tirelessly moving atoms
And within, countless particles and sub-particles
Marvel at the elegant symmetry of their laws

Now strain to envision from each of these verses
A timeless being intrinsically connected to it all
Bound to every… single… sub-particle… in the entire universe
This is… the infinite… all-powerful… creator God

Yet one thing dwarfs all of this…

Now fight to envision against your every hurt
This being loving You beyond all comprehension
Longing to connect… with You… oh so intimately
This is… the unfathomable… unimaginable… loving God

All praise be to God forever and ever. Amen.


Jan 26-29, 2017



Have less
Be more

Let go


Birth a mysterious creation.
Existence expectant of destination
Yet turbulent life
Evanescence in strife

Beauty of life


Jan. 13, 2016

Song: Once more

God renew in me
The faith I’ve taken for granted
May I once more see
Deep truths you once have planted

Days pass me by
So self centered and jaded
Content with a lie
My passion in You has faded

Lord, reveal to me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

No longer I hide
My heart hears your calling
I open my door wide
Eager hearing your knocking

Create in me
A new heart full of passion
And awake in me
Your love full of compassion

Lord, reveal to me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

Forgive my sin
Untether my faith in you
Deep within
Rebirth my spirit anew

I give You all glory
For a life that once was wasted
Write a new story
One Your pure will makes sacred

Reveal through me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

Oct. 11, 2015

Delusions of Insignificance

What is our life’s true meaning
What is our story from the beginning
We seek more then cameos in forgotten plays
More than butterfly effect of what we do and say
We seek a legacy so glorious and grander
True heroism in face of overwhelming danger

But this story isn’t really ours
Not our stage and nor our hour
God weaves His message in tapestry of time
And in it we are woven as threads so fine
Our stories webbed like Paul or Job or Cain
Showing His glorious love all the same

Would God in His wisdom so divine
Birth insignificance or anything benign
Then die for it on the cross for all history to see
To redeem it through history and set it free
So see your purpose not as the world does
See it in your creator’s loving eyes

July 7, 2015


We grow up looking at screens
Where we see
The lie we are to be
Mighty heroes special and adored

Great life of noble purpose
An awesome hero!
Can you hear it yo?
Everyone wants to be you

It’s infecting our faith
We blend it
We bend it
We desire to be God’s heroes

Is that what God wants you to be?
Or just a delusion?
Your own resolution?
Not content with who you are?

God doesn’t need a hero
Just real you
Only true you
Messed up like you are right now

There is only one purpose
To simply be
For all eternity
For Christ With Christ In Christ

This is the reality that changes
You and me!
Can’t you see?
To be part of God’s reality

To be purposeless yet
In timeless love
With God above
Your life transformed by His grace

Mar. 7-12, 2015


This troubled world has but one hero
Christ is His name.
Cross is His fame.
Praise be to God forever and ever amen!

Life not taken for granted

Great suffering labours and births a noble purpose
Pure joy discovered under pain’s grim surface
Deep loneliness awakens lost passions and love
Green valleys are best seen from high above
We are as single breath in the vastness of space
Our life but a gift of a timeless creator’s grace
Oh the bitter sweet taste of life not taken for granted
Only an ignorant fool would not have wanted it

Mar. 6, 2015

The Joy of Today

There is a time when we start to grow old
We realize the value of every little moment
Either reflect with regret what came to pass
Or embrace with joy what the future holds

For those of us filled with regret I say this
All your bitterness will not change the past
Let go and forgive and leave it all behind
And live this beautiful today to its fullest

For at the end we all finish the same way
And life already has so much toil and pain
No need to create more of it ourselves

Find joy in the gift that is your life today


Feb. 9, 2014

God is my constant

Life passes far too quickly
Learning to embrace changes it brings
Nothing stays the same it seems

Not even we ourselves are the same
Nor our family nor spouses nor friends
Life or death, change never ends

There is no anchor but God
The only constant unchanging
The source of love never ending

Dec 3, 2014

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