Adam K Poetry

Unburden me Lord

A cross I carried
Which I must burry
To be the hero in this world

Feeling guilty & hated
This cross I created
Thought unworthy of Your love

Hurting myself and others I lied
My void & pain never satisfied
Only your patient love sustained me

The only burden you asked me to carry
Is to be loved by You for eternity
And to share Your love with others

I am now free

April 30, 2023


I give you permission…

to life interrupted
future plans deferred
and emotions erupted
living day by day

to grieve for lost friends
lost things
lost ways
lost selves

to accept lack of closure
not knowing
and at times
not even caring

to be human at work
meetings disrupted
uninformed decisions
and missing deadlines

to be angry and resentful
at government failures
at good people doing stupid things
and even at yourself

to lost hope at times
times you didn’t tell anyone
and barely admitted to yourself
those dark dark dark days

Yet I also give you permission…

to hope once again
in a new normal
new engaged self
and new fuller life

to paint new life plans
brighter then before
bolder then before
more open to pivots

to experience new joys
ones not previously discovered
or perhaps rediscovered again
and new depths of joy

to love deeply and passionately
build new relationships
grow current ones
and forgive old ones

to untether from fear
to believe in something greater
even in face of the unknowns

to find new strength
one you may not have seen before
one untainted by life’s chaos
one that persists despite all

… and to realize you don’t need this permission
you already have it within yourself
you always did


Written April 2020 during COVID pandemic crisis

The Great Love Story

From the first act of vibrant creation
To the final word spoken in revolation
A relational timeless trinity of God
Writes a masterful story of perfect love

Only in the striking sharp contrast
Between right and wrong so vast
Can such a story share its full meaning
The conflict birthed from the beginning

From God’s choice of its first beloved
To God’s love rejected by those he loved
To boundless persuit and forgiveness
Demonstrates romance so timeless

And only in the dramatic violent sacrifice
Of a courageous and innocent hero’s life
Can convey the essence of God’s true nature
A boundless selfless beautiful overture

This vision now wonderfully extending
To each and every broken human being
Love so personal amidst our pain & worry
Drawing you close to the core of this story

Ultimately a fitting climax not ending
To both pure love and terrible suffering
A resolution in the spirit of the entire story
And yes a closure in glorious love victory

Wednesday Feb. 27, 2019


Sun hiding just beyond the horizon
Waking sleepy clouds with orange tickles
Soft wind chasing away morning chills
Leaving behind shiny drops of tender dew

A burning rock with power overwhelming
Flying through space for billions of years
Moon and earth moving in pure unison
Heavenly orchestra awaking all life

All glory be to God forever and ever

April 11, 2019

Faith Fear and Love

Faith and fear on a stormy thunderous sea
One fighting for control, the other to set me free
Rocked by waves and tossed by the wind
I am exhausted hoping for this to now end

The boat is pulled into deep unknown
A dark night trails with a thick foggy gown
No land in sight. No horizon. No lights.
Just faith and fear battling in the night

Call it courage, trust, or call it naive stupidity
To embrace a destiny one does not yet see
Knowing that success is not a map or a plan
And it’s more naive to look for a perfect land

Suddenly a pillar of light engulfs my heart’s cove
I’m blinded and overwhelmed by God’s awesome love
The fog vanishes. The battle ends. The sea is clear.
God’s love and grace completely obliterating our fear

We walk through life focusing on where we must go
We make plans to peacefully travel and painlessly grow
Yet every trail, challenge, change, and renewing of old
Is an act of God redeeming you and changing this world

Glory to God forever and ever… Amen

– – –

October 19, 2018 (VT)

Unfathomable God

This poem was inspired by Psalm 139

Look at the Earth in all its vastness
Look at each creature and plant and rock
Look at the air and ground and oceans
Marvel at the variety and harmony of it all

Now look up and peer into the infinity of space
Imagine an endless map of planets and stars
And the eyes of galaxies returning your gaze
Marvel at secrets of black holes and dark matter

Now turn the focus to your fragile body
Your every part and organ and blood
Imagine every cell breathing in synergy
Marvel at the complexity of this design

Finally, consider it all as one grand spectacle
Down to countless tirelessly moving atoms
And within, countless particles and sub-particles
Marvel at the elegant symmetry of their laws

Now strain to envision from each of these verses
A timeless being intrinsically connected to it all
Bound to every… single… sub-particle… in the entire universe
This is… the infinite… all-powerful… creator God

Yet one thing dwarfs all of this…

Now fight to envision against your every hurt
This being loving You beyond all comprehension
Longing to connect… with You… oh so intimately
This is… the unfathomable… unimaginable… loving God

All praise be to God forever and ever. Amen.


Jan 26-29, 2017


Have less
Be more

Let go


Birth a mysterious creation
Existence expectant of destination
Yet turbulent life
Evanescence in strife

Beauty of life


Jan. 13, 2016

Song: Once more

God renew in me
The faith I’ve taken for granted
May I once more see
Deep truths you once have planted

Days pass me by
So self centered and jaded
Content with a lie
My passion in You has faded

Lord, reveal to me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

No longer I hide
My heart hears your calling
I open my door wide
Eager hearing your knocking

Create in me
A new heart full of passion
And awake in me
Your love full of compassion

Lord, reveal to me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

Forgive my sin
Untether my faith in you
Deep within
Rebirth my spirit anew

I give You all glory
For a life that once was wasted
Write a new story
One Your pure will makes sacred

Reveal through me once more
Your sweet love unending
Your mercy beyond understanding
Your grace never failing
Your wisdom beyond comprehending

Oct. 11, 2015

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