I cannot see the day after tomorrow
I cannot see what that day will bring
I’m not prepared to face what’s ahead
I’m so affraid to know what’s out there.

How overwhelming is this realization
How paralyzing is my fear deep inside
How unforgiving and trully relentless
Is my near future of what is to come

But day after tomorrow will surely come
And even if all earth will live forever
I cannot forget that in nearby future
We all share in the experience of death

Whether standing, sitting, or lying
Whether in home, at work, or on streets
Never forget your day might be coming
Today or two days from today?

So what now my eminent danger?
Are you a friend or a foe or perhaps both?
Comfort to those suffering and in pain.
A curse to those enjoying their reign.

May 25, 2005
My causin Mark suddenly died in a snowmobile accident.