Careless, careless I am
For blindly I travel into future.
Just a single spark guides me,
The calling of my God.

Blindly I choose my life’s choices
With only faith on my shoulder
And only trust in my heart.
Where will I wonder?

Long I’ve forgotten the comforts
Of my safety, my security.
I am forgetting to strive for what is mine.
What exactly is mine?

I still remember being distracted
By the jealousy of my things,
By the envy of possession,
By its absence and its loss.

I don’t remember why I was troubled
By my efforts, by my failures,
By my futile attempts of perfection…
The purposeless struggle.

Carelessly I walk
Following my God, my Lord…
Seeking and finding in HimMy air, my food, my purpose…

Originally written on April 8, 2003