how far does your faith go?
how far should it go?

a strange way to measure one’s victory
is to believe in what you do not see
instead of acquiring that which you can touch
that, which entices us so much

is it by our ignorance or sheer stupidity
that we deny ourselves to be free
and believe in the God who we barely know.
is that something we can trully know?

how far are you willing to place that faith?
will you risk a day, a year, a life?
will you sacrifice what you hold most dear?
will it overpower what you see, what you fear?

and what about our daily sorrows,
our daily tasks, our hopes of tomorrow?
would we drop them and follow Christ
if He were to ask us this moment, this night?

and will you blindly trust for God’s provision
without a source, a way, a hope, a vision?
and how long will that faith go?
until the wind of panic begins to blow?

and what if you begin drowning?
will you still trust God even though you’re dying
or will you believe because it’s your last hope
and there’s nothing left to stay afloat?

and what if you die alone in the sea
can your faith phantom that such can be?
can your faith raise again and stand?
can it survive end after end?

or are you a coward, a lie?
do you see one thing and turn your eye
for you more fear to see
without faith who you would be?

what is your rock? what do you rest on?
when all you know troubles and falls
and you no longer really know…
what to believe, what to do, where to go?

how far will your faith go? how far will mine?
man versus God, material versus divine
perhaps time will come when you find out
for me the time is quickly running out

When my faith hangs thin
And I sink deep within
You stretch out your open hands
And pull me out and the storm ends

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful.”2 Tim. 2:13

Originally written on September 26, 2004