I looked down at a small puddle
I see 2 faces in my reflction
One I see clearly as my own
But the other a painful distortion

The second face is angry.
It’s chaos, pain, and wrath.
It’s never ending worry.
It’s ever present strife.

As life begins to rain
And the water surface brakes
2 faces war against each other
I no longer know which is mine

I seek to find my face again
Protecting the water with my own hands
I search and look from every angle
But which is mine I cannot see

My tears fall also to make ripples
My desparation explodes outside

Water ripples touched my body
The two merge into one

And I no longer know who I am.


Then a presence I sense around me
I turn to see my saviour’s face
One look from him and I remember

My reflection I am to find in Him

Originally written on Nov. 12, 2007