I have reached my saturation
In this world of condemnation.
Our lives are so stressed and tired.
Nothing works out the way we desired.

Living life of endless strife
No time to notice days passing by
I desparetelly look into the sky
not seeing you, I wonder why.

Let me speak my heart
Don’t just shut me out
In our failures and endless fears
In our doubts and worn-out tears
God redeems our faults and strife
He interceeds in our very life
He is faithful when we’re not
Even if we now forgot

When I see world’s great misery
And reflect on its troubled history,
In the midst of doubt and despair
I question whether you’re there

When I dare to dream the future
The life we received we already buchered
Our life is driven by fears and pains
This is not the life of real saints

Let me speak my heart

Suddenly I stopped midstream
Dropped my self-indulging dreams
I’ve had enough of all my burden
I looked up and heard a thunder

Stop chasing what you don’t have to
Stop carrying burdens not meant for you
Stop pretending you’re someone else
To please those who pretend to care

Modified Chorus:
Let me speak my heart
Don’t just shut me out
In your failures and endless fears
In your doubts and worn-out tears
I redeem your faults and strife
I interceed in your very life
I am faithful when you’re not
Even if you now forgot

But you must give me your life.
Hold my hand and let me drive.
You must trust no matter what.
I know better. You do not.

Originally written Aug. 22, 2003