My life is so empty
My soul tarnished and bruised
My body scarred and weak
My future short and bleak

Where are you oh God
I need something to believe in
To keep hope as days pass by
Until my moment of goodbye

I am so rich and proud
I live every life moment loud
But guilt pulls me down when I’m alone
I cannot carry this heavy drowning stone

Where are you my God
I need something to believe in
Neatly fit into my box right now
I’ll pay you back somehow

My life devoted to God and church
With Bible as my only guide
As blameless as I can be
Good works are my legacy

Here you are my God
I know what to believe in
Yet I am a pharasie deep within
Slaving obedience as payment for sin

I am a master of my destiny
Power, intelligence, and serenity
Hope comes from my 2 hands
My own morality abounds

I am my only real God
I am what I believe in
Yet in all my noble glory
I am nothing but worry

I am the God your creator
Greater than all you believe
Greater than all of your sin
Greater than what’s within

Here I am, the loving God
Let me tell you what to believe in
Look pass your needs to truth within me
Be at peace, be loved, be free

March 12, 2012