This poem was inspired by Psalm 139

Look at the Earth in all its vastness
Look at each creature and plant and rock
Look at the air and ground and oceans
Marvel at the variety and harmony of it all

Now look up and peer into the infinity of space
Imagine an endless map of planets and stars
And the eyes of galaxies returning your gaze
Marvel at secrets of black holes and dark matter

Now turn the focus to your fragile body
Your every part and organ and blood
Imagine every cell breathing in synergy
Marvel at the complexity of this design

Finally, consider it all as one grand spectacle
Down to countless tirelessly moving atoms
And within, countless particles and sub-particles
Marvel at the elegant symmetry of their laws

Now strain to envision from each of these verses
A timeless being intrinsically connected to it all
Bound to every… single… sub-particle… in the entire universe
This is… the infinite… all-powerful… creator God

Yet one thing dwarfs all of this…

Now fight to envision against your every hurt
This being loving You beyond all comprehension
Longing to connect… with You… oh so intimately
This is… the unfathomable… unimaginable… loving God

All praise be to God forever and ever. Amen.


Jan 26-29, 2017