Faith and fear on a stormy thunderous sea
One fighting for control, the other to set me free
Rocked by waves and tossed by the wind
I am exhausted hoping for this to now end

The boat is pulled into deep unknown
A dark night trails with a thick foggy gown
No land in sight. No horizon. No lights.
Just faith and fear battling in the night

Call it courage, trust, or call it naive stupidity
To embrace a destiny one does not yet see
Knowing that success is not a map or a plan
And it’s more naive to look for a perfect land

Suddenly a pillar of light engulfs my heart’s cove
I’m blinded and overwhelmed by God’s awesome love
The fog vanishes. The battle ends. The sea is clear.
God’s love and grace completely obliterating our fear

We walk through life focusing on where we must go
We make plans to peacefully travel and painlessly grow
Yet every trail, challenge, change, and renewing of old
Is an act of God redeeming you and changing this world

Glory to God forever and ever… Amen

– – –

October 19, 2018 (VT)