From the first act of vibrant creation
To the final word spoken in revolation
A relational timeless trinity of God
Writes a masterful story of perfect love

Only in the striking sharp contrast
Between right and wrong so vast
Can such a story share its full meaning
The conflict birthed from the beginning

From God’s choice of its first beloved
To God’s love rejected by those he loved
To boundless persuit and forgiveness
Demonstrates romance so timeless

And only in the dramatic violent sacrifice
Of a courageous and innocent hero’s life
Can convey the essence of God’s true nature
A boundless selfless beautiful overture

This vision now wonderfully extending
To each and every broken human being
Love so personal amidst our pain & worry
Drawing you close to the core of this story

Ultimately a fitting climax not ending
To both pure love and terrible suffering
A resolution in the spirit of the entire story
And yes a closure in glorious love victory

Wednesday Feb. 27, 2019