We grow up looking at screens
Where we see
The lie we are to be
Mighty heroes special and adored

Great life of noble purpose
An awesome hero!
Can you hear it yo?
Everyone wants to be you

It’s infecting our faith
We blend it
We bend it
We desire to be God’s heroes

Is that what God wants you to be?
Or just a delusion?
Your own resolution?
Not content with who you are?

God doesn’t need a hero
Just real you
Only true you
Messed up like you are right now

There is only one purpose
To simply be
For all eternity
For Christ With Christ In Christ

This is the reality that changes
You and me!
Can’t you see?
To be part of God’s reality

To be purposeless yet
In timeless love
With God above
Your life transformed by His grace

Mar. 7-12, 2015


This troubled world has but one hero
Christ is His name.
Cross is His fame.
Praise be to God forever and ever amen!